Cuisine Sous-Vide: The revolution that will change the restaurateur’s life


A technique of cooking food that is previously conditioned under vacuum. Sous-Vide cooking utilizes precise temperature control with water circulation in which the vacuum-sealed food is immersed into the water bath or by projecting steam into an adapted oven.

Great versatility

Cuisine Sous-Vide (pronounced soo-veed) provides the double benefit of keeping the organoleptic property of the foods’ aroma and taste, as well as to ensure better preservation, since the sous-vide packaging technique has eliminated multiple steps and handling.

Numerous Advantages

Incomparable flavors

  • Cooking at a low temperature helps to keep the nutritional qualities of the products.
  • Expresses food flavor at its best.
  • Keeps food tender and moist.

Streamlined organization

  • The food can be preserved at refrigerated temperature up to 30 days after cooking.
  • Preparing food in advance offers flexibility in optimizing your work processes.
  • As the food is cooked to a precise temperature for a precise amount of time, the quality is constant.
  • Food cooked in the traditional way dries out leading to waste (up to 40% for a steak) as opposed to Sous-Vide cooking which enables the food to keep its volume.

Satisfied customers and work team

  • An increase in quality and improved taste enjoyed by your customers.
  • Simplicity of organization and easier preparation will be appreciated by your managers and employees.
  • Established Sous-Vide restaurants report that recruiting quality employees becomes much easier.

Sous-Vide cooking is a game-changer for restaurateurs

The cuisine Sous-Vide is used by the top chefs and it is not new.
The technique was invented during the 70s by a renowned French chef, George Pralus, to improve cooking fois gras.
The technique was extended to all type of foods and is today widely use by the top restaurants around the world. However decades of experience feedback from professionals who are using it showed that it is nowadays an indispensable tool to successfully manage a restaurant.
Advantages are numerous and the techniques can be adapted to any type of restaurant. As you will discover, Sous-Vide Cuisine uses specific rules of hygiene and unique but easy techniques which are taught in our specialized training.

Our team of experts is at your disposal

You would like to implement sous-vide cooking in your establishment?

When you choose to implement Sous-Vide Cuisine in your establishment, the Royal Culinary team becomes entirely dedicated to your project, from A to Z.

We will advise on the choice of equipment to function with your needs, create and develop new menus adapted to your restaurant, provide detailed staff training and customized guidance. Royal Culinary do everything to simplify your life by providing advice on working methods, organization and management, as well as high-quality training for your staff.

Analysis of your needs
Implementation, training
Follow up

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