Develop a new selection of dishes


Owner, chef, kitchen staff.

  • Know all the basics of cooking.
  • Know how to prepare and make
    recipes according to hygiene
    and security rules.
  • Optimizing management of the kitchen staff along with productivity.
  • Understanding the various ways of exploiting, preparing and preserving while respecting food and aroma.
  • Creating a new customized menu.

Training program

Day 1 – Morning


Objective: Mastering the cooking techniques
Duration: 3h30

Cooking techniques

– Sous-Vide cooking
– Low temperature cooking
– Papillote
– Croute en sel

Day 1 – Afternoon

Sous-Vide cooking benefits

Objective: Identify areas for improvement and optimization estimates calculation
Duration: 3h30

The production

– Efficiency
– Productivity
– Financial

The quality

– Gastronomy advantages
– Cooking and texture

Day 2 – Morning

The toppings

Objective: Making recipes while cooking different types of ingredients
Duration: 3h30

– Toppings adapted to the main food
– Exploring organic, vegetarian and vegan foods

Day 2- Afternoon

Sauces and gravy

Objective: Master the different techniques
Duration: 3h30

– Sauces
– Gravy

Day 3 – Morning


– Starters presentation
– Main dishes presentation
– Desserts presentation

Day 3 – Afternoon

Make a customized menu

Objective: Make a trendy menu
Duration: 3h30

– Starter, main dish, dessert
– Implementation into the kitchen organization

Teaching Tool

Technical sheets

Technical Equipment

The professional kitchen and cooking equipment are provided by the customer.

Teaching Method
  • Clear demonstration by the expert
  • Practical implementation by the trainees
  • Theoretical input
  • Hands-on training doing practical simulations
  • Participatory teaching

The expert is provided by the renowned French company, Action Conseil Formation of which the founders have been selected by the World Gastronomy Organization for their high-quality expertise.

Training Organization
  • Total duration: 3 days/21 hours
  • Location: onsite
  • Maximum of trainees: 8
Follow up tools to ensure the implementation of the training

Follow-up of the implementations: Trainees and instructor will be required to sign an attendance sheet, each half-day.

  • Continuous oral assessment during the training.
  • Certificate of attestation given at the end of the third day.
  • Collection of the individual needs at the beginning.
  • Questionnaire to evaluate the training.
  • Individual report provided, on-demand.
  • Questionnaire to evaluate the impact of the training three months later.

Follow-up by phone call or email between the instructor and the trainee within 3 months of the training.