Learn how to master methods of cooking Sous-Vide

  • Restaurateur
  • Chef
  • Kitchen staff
  • Know all the basics of cooking.
  • Know how to prepare and make
    recipes according to hygiene
    and security rules.
  • Discovering and implementing cooking sous-vide methods.
  • Optimizing management of the kitchen staff along with productivity.
  • Understanding the various ways of exploiting, preparing and preserving while respecting food and aroma.
  • Creating a new customized menu.

Three Days Training with a French Master Chef expert in Sous-Vide cooking

Training program

Day One

Day 1 – Morning

Duration: 3h30

Learning how to best use the equipment, regulations, hygiene rules, and technics in order to improve your work process.

Day 1 – Afternoon

Duration: 3h30

The benefit of cooking at low temperature; productivity, efficiency, gastronomic advantages. Qualities of cooking, texture, and taste.

Day Two

Day 2 – Morning

Duration: 3h30

Making recipes to learn how to cook with different ingredients; meats, fish and toppings.

Day 2 – Afternoon

Duration: 3h30

Mastering the making of sauces, gravy and searing.

Day Three

Day 3 – Morning

Duration: 3h30

Creating a new customized menu and recipes adapted to your restaurant.

Day 3 – Afternoon

Duration: 3h30

Creating a new customized menu and recipes adapted to your restaurant.

Follow-up of the implementations: Trainees and instructor will be required to sign an attendance sheet, each half-day.

  • Continuous oral assessment during the training.
  • Certificate of attestation given at the end of the fifth day.
  • Collection of the individual needs at the beginning.
  • Questionnaire to evaluate the training.
  • Individual report provided, on-demand.
  • Questionnaire to evaluate the impact of the training three months later.

Follow-up by phone call between the instructor and the trainee within 3 months of the training.

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