How to manage margins and profitability of a restaurant

Owner, manager, executive manager, and any person wanting to open its own business.

Know how a restaurant or any business in food industry work. Basics in accountability.

  • Mastering the key points of a business in the food industry; restaurant, pizzeria, pub/grill, bistro, baking and pastry shops, etc
  • Using simple and efficient management tools to improve profitability of your business, technical sheets, trend chart, cost/profit balance chart, etc
  • Mastering and optimizing its purchase, cost of purchasing chart, stock management

Training program

Day 1 – Morning

Understand a profit and loss account (Balance sheet)

Objective: Mastering the basis of accounting

Duration: 4 hours

– Product accounts, expenses accounts, occupancy costs, added value

– Gross operating surplus

Day 1 – Afternoon

The technical sheet: management tool, for monitoring and controlling

Objective: Make technical sheet and determine costs

Duration: 4 hours

What is a technical sheet

– Technical sheet

– Choosing the ingredients

– Making recipes

How to determine the coefficient(s). Difference between the theoretical cost benefit ratio and the real cost. Management of gratuities, staff meals and waste. How to fix the selling price.

Day 2- Morning

The purchases main element of the margin

Objective: Follow and manage purchases

Duration: 4 hours

– Purchasing in the best conditions

– Can wrong purchasing result in losses?

– Should I purchase supply everyday?

– The management of the “Home-made”

– Use online apps to follow up with your suppliers

Day 2- Afternoon

Manage the menu

Objective: Menu optimization

Duration: 4 hours

– Learn to manage the menu

– Set prices

– Removing low sell meals

– How many types of meals, how many meals, pricing, etc

Day 3 – Morning

Restaurants ideals ratios

Objective: Improve restaurant efficiency

Duration: 4 hours

– The cost benefit ratio

– Prime-cost

– Overhead ratios

– Human resources costs ratios

– Productivity and human resources costs

Improving business productivity

– General expenses: how to diminish the cost of “general expenses”?

Occupancy costs

Day 3- Afternoon

Implementation of necessary tools to manage efficiently your business

Objective: Managing margins using a dedicated application

Duration: 4 hours

– Dashboard

– Purchasing in the best conditions

– Follow up margins chart

– Foods/supplies purchasing price chart

– Management of purchasing, production schedules

Teaching Tool

Technical sheets

Technical Equipment

Online application, computer

Teaching Method
  • Clear demonstration by the expert
  • Practical implementation by the trainees
  • Theoretical input
  • Hands-on training doing practical simulations
  • Participatory teaching

The expert is provided by the renowned French company, Action Conseil Formation of which the founders have been selected by the World Gastronomy Organization for their high-quality expertise.

Training Organization
  • Total duration: 3 days/24 hours
  • Location: onsite/offsite
  • Maximum of trainees: 10
Follow up tools to ensure the implementation of the training

Follow-up of the implementations: Trainees and instructor will be required to sign an attendance sheet, each half-day.

  • Continuous oral assessment during the training.
  • Certificate of attestation given at the end of the third day.
  • Collection of the individual needs at the beginning.
  • Questionnaire to evaluate the training.
  • Individual report provided, on-demand.
  • Questionnaire to evaluate the impact of the training three months later.

Follow-up by phone call or email between the instructor and the trainee within 3 months of the training.